Group Photo 1Introduction and Background

The England Golf believe that young people should be involved in providing advice and guidance on the design, development and implementation of golf programmes which engage young people both as players and volunteers. The Youth Panel will also support the Children in Golf working group (CIG) to ensure that young people’s voices help the game provide a safe environment in terms of safeguarding and child protection issues.


The purpose of the Youth Panel is to improve services offered for young people by the England Golf and provide advice and support about young people within the game.

Core Principles

•Children and young people have a right to be safeguarded in golf. The panel will follow the safeguarding principles of Children in Golf.

•Children and young people’s involvement in the panel and contribution to the EGP and CiG is valued.

•Children and young people from diverse backgrounds and communities, and at all levels of ability have an equal opportunity to get involved in the Youth Panel.

•The operation of the Youth Panel will be continuously monitored and steps will be taken to improve the panel where appropriate.

•The panel will be appropriately financed and resourced by the EGP.

•Youth Panel members are role models for young people in golf and are ambassadors for the sport.

•The views and opinions of the young people involved will be taken seriously, respected and listened to by the EG, EGP and CiG, and the other members of the panel.

•The panel exists to benefit those who are members of the panel and all young people within golf.

•To provide young people with the opportunity to develop skills and the knowledge to be the leaders of tomorrow.


•The panel will consist of around 18 young people under the age of 25. It will be facilitated and supported by members of the EG staff.

•Panel members will be recruited through an application process held on an annual basis and each member can serve for up to two years and then re-apply.

•The group will nominate three members of the current group plus three staff members from EG to interview potential panel members the application process will be ongoing with the appointment of new members between September and December each year where needed.

•Each panel member will be expected to sign a code of conduct which states what should be expect from them as volunteers and what they should expect from the EG (group to agree).

•The group will meet a minimum of two times a year with one overnight stay and support EG events.

•The group will be expected to support County Golf Partnerships (CGPs) or Golf Roots programmes and the panel members will be expected to be active volunteers within the game of golf.

•The group will use various methods of communication such as Twitter, Facebook and e-mail.

•Each member will have an EG member of staff to support and mentor their Youth Panel experience and provide career advice and support.

•Each panel member will record and monitor their volunteering through the golf volunteer’s website and will be expected to have achieved a minimum of 50 hrs  volunteering.