Why this toolkit

  • This toolkit with provide you with tools to manage your clubs volunteers
  • Increase the number of volunteers within your club
  • Help you retain your present volunteers
  • Bring new ideas and opportunities to develop your club
  • Promote and develop volunteering opportunities to a more diverse audience
  • Develop good structures around volunteer management
  • Understand the value of volunteers to your club


This resource will help your club do what you already do in a more effective and diverse way which will increase the numbers of volunteers and help retain and recognise the excellent work your present volunteer workforce do.

This toolkit is aimed at volunteer organisers and facilitators who want to raise the number of volunteers supporting club activity and improve the management of volunteers within their club.

How to use this Toolkit

This toolkit is divided into 9 sections which are essential to the successful management of volunteers.

The initial questions are there to question what you are doing and what you may have to look at to further develop. These can be used to help effect organisational change and develop new strategies to develop your clubs practices. (Click here for Questions)


The value of volunteering within your club

Golf clubs and other sports clubs have started to recognise the importance of volunteering within the club enviroment it is estimated that there are on average between 20-30 volunteers suppporting each golf club with little or no support. Before clubs can fully understand the importance of volunteers it may be a good idea to place a value and cost to volunteering within your club.

(Click here to work out the value of volunteers within your club)