Volunteers have a vital role to play in sport in this country, the contribution made by volunteers to sport each year is estimated to be worth around £1.5 billion. Central Government has now recognised the need to help sport develop its volunteers from grass roots to national level. The England Golf Partnership has also identified that the work done by golf volunteers within our game means that the sport would not exist in its present format without the hard work that the estimated 50,000 volunteers do each year. That is why a volunteer strategy has been developed, to recognise and support these people and to help us recruit more. This will ensure that the sport continues to grow.

girls enjoying golf  Tom Ward

What do sports volunteers do?

Most sports volunteers rarely use the term 'volunteer' to describe their activities, they see themselves as club personnel, event organisers, club captains, chairman, junior organisers or artisans. Behind the scenes there are treasurers, committee members, planners, researchers, IT website managers, journalists and photographers. In short, there is a vast array of roles supporting and surrounding golf, without which the game would not be able to function.


For a copy of the England Golf Partnership volunteer Strategy  (Click Here)