It is estimated there are around 50,000 people currently volunteering in golf. Golf Volunteers are our 'Hidden Heroes' of the sport and play a pivotal role in sustaining golf into the future.

Golf volunteering can take many forms in both the recreational and professional game. Recreationally, volunteers undertake a wide range of roles at club, county, regional and national levels. These can range from being club captain to event organiser, squad manager, referee, junior organiser, fund raisers and administrators, to name just a few. For the professional game, it is the volunteers that make the international tours and championships the success they are both in terms of the experiences of players and spectators.

You don't need to be a golfer to volunteer, with many golf clubs looking for people to help in areas such as marketing, social media, finance, photography, events, fundraising and much more.

At England Golf we are currently working on new action plan which will help shape the support for volunteers, clubs and partners in golf.

Enjoyment is the top reason people are volunteering in golf, with the love of the game and helping others benefit from the sport amongst other main reasons. Furthermore, recent resent research from the Sport Industry Research Centre boosts personal well-being and England Golf's Golf Club Volunteer Survey highlights that it actually makes people happier.

girls enjoying golf  Tom Ward